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We undertake time-lapse projects for a wide range of clients from Small Home Developers to, to multi national developers and construction firms.

Our Small team of highly qualified staff includes professional photographers, film makers, This range of skills allows us to adapt our camera systems to suit our client’s needs and requirements.

Our clients can enjoy access to a full archive of pictures, a time-stamped thumbnail refreshed every few minutes, multiple off-site backups and broadcast-quality footage delivered in any format desired; even our pricing is simple and straightforward with no hidden extras.

Our Little Team mean we can keep the Costs to a Minimum as we know how in recent Months how Materials and staff costs have risen in a unprecedented rate. We look at long term partnerships. 


7m Tripods £200pm Set at 10min Capture rate, 7 Days a week.

30m Trailer £300pm  Set at 10min Capture rate, 7 Days a week.

Standalone £150pm  Set at 10min Capture rate, 7 Days a week.

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